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Stretch beyond possible!
Power your progress!

Enter a realm where mental strength is fuelled by sports discipline and scientifically backed methods leveraged by elite athletes and top-tier entrepreneurs.

I am Aleks, and I am driven by a vision where more startups are empowered to soar to new heights and make a lasting, positive impact on the world.

I leverage my extensive global, corporate experience and passion for human performance to propel startup leaders and their teams towards enduring excellence in challenging, high-stakes environments. Together, we will boldly seize opportunities to enable your team to excel collectively beyond differences and achieve uncommon results.

… the most common challenges I help with:


Navigating the high-pressure environment of startup life

Cultivating a resilient mindset to overcome challenges and setbacks

Transitioning from startup visionary to inspiring leader

Work-life integration preventing burnout and promoting enduring optimal performance

Emotional regulation and anxiety management


Navigating conflicts and team dynamics

Sustained team motivation

Collective performance when it matters most

Team formation

Team morale and trust

Team communication

what makes my 
approach unique?

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It transforms and sustains optimal performance in an unconventional way by:

  • Drawing on the expertise of seasoned mentors deeply immersed in the field of mental training and team coaching, honed through their collaborations with elite athletes, influential business leaders, and high-performing teams;

  • Incorporating a deep understanding of performance psychology, neuroscience, team dynamics, and systems thinking;

  • Leveraging innovative, scientifically backed, powerful techniques developed by the Growth Mindset Institute in partnership with Carol Dweck, founder of the Growth Mindset concept;

  • Harnessing the wealth of leadership and team effectiveness experience gained in global matrix organisations across multiple industries.

… which unlocks a multitude of benefits like:

  • Enduring optimal performance

  • Fortified resilience

  • Increased confidence

  • Ability to stay focused when it matters most

  • A cohesive team mindset for making a great leap forward in effectiveness and working together harmoniously

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Pioneer a new era of leadership by investing in your mental performance evolution.

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Exceptional performance is a team sport. It’s unlocked when a team not only bonds but also rallies together to question the conventional and cultivate a shared vision.

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Growth mindset organisations are more innovative, resilient, inclusive and see more potential in people. Accelerate the growth mindset journey to elevate your organisation to new heights.

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Hi, I am a certified Mental Performance and Team Coach, and the sole accredited Growth Mindset Facilitator for Europe, with nearly two decades of experience in matrix organisations across multiple industries globally, and in sports. As a startup advocate I partner with startup organisations to equip their leaders and teams with the essential tools they need not just to survive, but to excel.

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why Startups

In the high-stakes realm of startups, where 9 out of 10 ventures fail, entrepreneurs face not only the thrill of chasing their ambitions but also the formidable challenges unique to these dynamic entities. The intense pressures of securing essential capital, managing explosive growth, and resolving internal tensions are constant, with investors typically favoring companies that show early financial promise. This relentless pursuit of funding tests founders’ resilience, while internal dynamics, such as differences in vision, commitment, and management styles, can quickly escalate from mild disagreements to significant disputes as the company grows.

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4 key values that I care deeply about:

commitment I unconventional and accessible solutions I partnership I integrity

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making a positive change together…

Through a collaboration with me, you support one of the following organisations:

5% of the income gets donated to a chosen foundation.


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