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Welcome to Mental Performance and Team Coaching.

I'm Aleks. My job is to help teams and senior leaders who are tired of the lack of progress and accepting the status quo to act despite fear, realise their boldest goals, and become the change they seek.


Senior leaders develop game-changing mental capabilities to transform and sustain high performance.

Teams focus on building the ONE TEAM mindset to elevate communication, perform greater together beyond differences, and achieve uncommon results.

… the most common challenges I help with are:

  • Imposter syndrome (feeling anxious and doubting the abilities, despite accomplishments)  

  • Procrastination (avoiding or delaying tasks, deliberately looking for distractions)  

  • Lost or lowered motivation

  • Experience of anxiety, stress, burnout and being overwhelmed

  • Experience of loneliness

  • Work-life integration

  • Navigating and coping with difficult or adverse situations that life presents 

  • Low team morale and trust, stalled progress, communication challenges

  • New team formation

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… the Mental Training Method is based on 5 pillars


what makes my offerings unique?

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They transform and sustain optimal performance in an unconventional way by:

  • Drawing on the expertise of seasoned mentors deeply immersed in the field of mental training and team coaching, honed through their collaborations with elite athletes, influential business leaders, and high-performing teams

  • Incorporating a deep understanding of performance psychology, neuroscience, team dynamics, and systems thinking

  • Leveraging innovative, scientifically backed, powerful techniques developed by the Growth Mindset Institute in partnership with Carol Dweck, founder of the Growth Mindset concept

  • Harnessing the wealth of leadership and team effectiveness experience gained in global matrix organisations across multiple industries

… which unlocks a multitude of benefits like:

  • Enduring optimal performance

  • Fortified resilience

  • Increased confidence

  • Ability to stay focused when it matters most

  • A cohesive team mindset for making a great leap forward in effectiveness and working together harmoniously

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… mental training for you

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"I think that everything is possible as long as you put your mind to it and you put the work and time into it. I think your mind really controls everything." (Michael Phelps)

It is hard enough to get to the top, but staying there is even harder. How do you become an elite performer and once you get there, how do you motivate yourself to ‘win’ the next time, especially now that you have become the benchmark? How do you keep reinventing yourself to maintain the competitive edge?

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“I’m not afraid of death. It’s just that I don’t want to be there when it happens.” (Woody Allen)

Change is inevitable and yet, we often struggle to transition effectively through change, even when we sign up for it. As an expatriate who took a career leap, made a significant job progression (from local to global), and went through some difficult life events, I know what it's like to feel alone, lost in transition, emotionally drained and exhausted… And that’s exactly what drives me to help others transition through change in their life more effectively, strengthening confidence and resilience to ‘win’.

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team interventions  

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This instant masterclass aims to provide a strong dose of motivation and inspiration as well as practical strategies to be used in everyday team life. It is based on scientifically backed, powerful techniques used by elite athletes in sports and business.

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When a football player scores and there is a celebration moment happening on the field, it might appear to the crowd that the team is celebrating the goal scorer. However, what the team is really celebrating is every player, every coach, every practice, every sprint, every failure and all the hard work that this one single goal represents. This is what it means to be a winning team in business and sports.

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Hi, I am a certified Mental Performance and Team Coach, and the sole accredited Growth Mindset Facilitator for Europe, with nearly two decades of corporate experience in matrix organisations across multiple industries globally, and in sports.

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Here are a few highlights about me:

  • 4 countries lived and worked in: Poland, the US, the UK and now the Netherlands;

  • Worked with global brands like Boeing; Jeppesen, a Boeing company; Thomson Reuters; Marriott; Nike;

  • Performed global and regional roles, led geographically dispersed teams and global projects;

  • In 2021 made a career leap by exiting the corporate world and becoming an independent mental performance and team coach;

  • Have worked with senior leaders from more than 35 countries across 5 continents;

  • An active member of the supervision programmes for mental training and team coaching to continuously upskill myself and stay up to date with new scientific findings.

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4 key values that I care deeply about:

commitment I unconventional and accessible solutions I partnership I integrity

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making a positive change together…

Through a collaboration with me, you support one of the following organisations:

5% of the income gets donated to a chosen foundation.


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