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Growth mindset? Let’s practise!

Comparing ourselves to someone else is often taken as something negative and can even create difficult emotions. It may be because it reminds us about our childhood years when we were told to be more like our classmate who had extraordinary grades at school or a sibling who behaved better than us or had more accomplishments.

Nevertheless, it can have a positive impact and can help us grow. To make it work this way, we need to change our viewpoint about comparing ourselves to others.

How to do it?

1. Change your thinking about the person you look up to from “What he/she has that I don't have and this makes me feel less valuable" to “What he/she did well that I can be inspired by”. It is a mindset shift and if you manage to look at it through a different lens there is a higher probability to feel more empowered and eager to act. The intent here is to keep your growth in mind when comparing to others!

2. Another very useful way to support your growth is to compare yourself to yourself from the past (from yesterday, a week ago, 6 months ago, etc.), and see what progress you made. Ask yourself these 2 questions:

“What progress did I make?”
“What am I doing better today in comparison to me
from yesterday/a week ago, etc.?”

Don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishments and ask yourself these questions on a regular basis to boost confidence and motivation to act!

Are you ready to do this exercise now? Start by starting and see what happens. 

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