Let's talk about vulnerability... 

According to one of my leadership gurus, Brene Brown, vulnerability fuels the strongest relationships and can transform employee performance.

Based on my own leadership experience I fully agree with her and here is why:

• Showing vulnerability enabled me to take off the armor that consumed so much energy and present myself as a human being with all my imperfections, as we all have them (nobody is perfect). It helped me build strong connection with the team because people connect with people, the real ones, not their armors. Tip: The check-in activity at the beginning of a meeting was a real game changer!

• Admitting to people that "I do not know something", "I was wrong" and asking for help is not a sign of incompetence, it shows courage and leadership maturity. It helped create an environment in which people spoke up, shared concerns and we had conversations on a deeper level.

• Allowing the team to drive conversations, share ideas for a way forward and be a part of the decision making process built engagement, trust, created sense of belonging and shared purpose.

• People were able to bring their whole selves to work and thrive!

For many leaders showing vulnerability is not easy. Indeed, it requires to choose courage over comfort AND it is a journey that benefits leaders, teams and their organization.

I feel grateful for choosing courage over comfort in order to become a vulnerable leader and for helping other leaders on their personal journey to vulnerability.

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