Very often YOU are your biggest limitation. Learn how to effectively overcome your limitations, build confidence and act despite fear. Win your personal 'Olympic game'.🧠🏃‍♀️⚽️⛳️💼💪

As a Learning and Development professional (whether it is designing development programmes, delivering them or providing coaching) it has always been important to me that I create experiences on a deeper, visceral level, and help people get breakthrough results. A few years ago I discovered mental training that leverages insights from psychology, sociology, and neuroscience to enable transformation on a personal and team level. I quickly became PASSIONATE about it and decided to level up by becoming a certified Mental Trainer in 2021. I chose Mental Trainer Academy by Jakub B. Bączek because I wanted to learn from #1 mental training experts who have experience working with the world-class athletes, Olympic and World Champions (eg. Lewandowski, or Polish Volleyball World Champions). To upgrade myself in mental training and combine the business and sports worlds (yes, I believe these two worlds can learn a lot from each other❗️), recently I got certified in Mental Training in Sports😊 During the certification programme I was exposed to many inspirations and strategies used with athletes on individual and team level, and with exceptional business leaders. I had an opportunity to meet the Olympic Champions, listen to their stories and see the sports world through their eyes (invaluable!).

Why am I passionate about mental training?:
✅ It is focused on helping people get results, faster than they ever could on their own;
✅ Mental training uses scientifically backed strategies to make a mental shift happen - the same action executed with a different mindset creates a different outcome;
✅ It is an efficient way to take performance to the next level;
✅ It is future-oriented to drive change that endures;
✅ It works extremely well as a process as well as an intervention (imagine that often athletes need to get different results, get unstuck. very quickly to gain a competitive advantage, they have no time for a series of meetings – time is precious);
✅ It responds to the nature of today world that is uncertain, “instant”, with rapid, overlapping changes and many challenges;
✅ The word ‘training’ is a success factor. There is no magic here, a desired outcome happens thanks to the application and repetition of the mental training exercises. The worst training is the one that does not take place.

I work with business leaders and teams, athletes, teams and individuals taking on sports and endurance challenges, sports trainers.

Connect with me to learn more and find out if this approach is for you.

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