Few more facts:


Speaking at the Women in Technology Conference
for 4,000 people in Amsterdam. 

Being a leader myself and working with leaders worldwide as a coach, facilitator and strategic advisor gave me an opportunity to be exposed to leadership and organisational challenges from many different perspectives. With 15+ years of experience in global Fortune 500 organisations across multiple industries I am now working with a broader group of executive leaders and teams, wherever they are.



I am a mom and wife who strives to live a balanced life aligned with my core values.      My favourite way to ground myself is to be outside, to run, to reconnect with nature.
Also, I like to use this time to listen to interesting podcasts and to collect ideas. During my adult life, I have been doing a lot of self-exploration to deepen self-awareness, build my mental strength and personal effectiveness. One of the ways to exercise my mental muscle has been to start an ice bath routine – a huge challenge given the fact that I like to keep myself warm.

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