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Very often YOU are your biggest limitation... 

Learn how to effectively overcome your limitations, build confidence and act despite fear. Win your personal 'Olympic game'.🧠🏃‍♀️⚽️⛳️💼💪

Mind-body connection and its impact 

According to the Global Leadership Forecast 2021 conducted by the Development Dimensions International (DDI), 60% of leaders now indicate that they feel “used up” at the end of every workday, a strong indicator of burnout. And those numbers continue to rise! 

From good to exceptional

Have you ever wondered what makes someone an exceptional leader? We often talk about talent, which of course is helpful however, talent itself does not give us a competitive edge.

So what does? 

Let's talk about vulnerability...

According to one of my leadership gurus, Brene Brown, vulnerability fuels the strongest relationships and can transform employee performance.
Based on my own leadership experience I fully agree with her and here is why: 

Growth mindset? Let’s practise!

Comparing ourselves to someone else is often taken as something negative and can even create difficult emotions. It may be because it reminds us about our childhood years when we were told to be more like our classmate who had extraordinary grades at school or a sibling who behaved better than us or had more accomplishments.

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