Increased mental strength
is the key to performing
at your peak and determines
the quality of your life 

Welcome to the Mental Strength
for Peak Performance
that leverages best practices from
the business and sport worlds

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The Executive Peak Performance is very different from traditional executive coaching. It combines deep understanding of leadership and sport psychology with wealth of corporate experience in  leadership and organisational effectiveness. You are going to be exposed to the scientifically- backed strategies used by elite athletes and successful business leaders.

This approach enables leaders and teams to reach and maintain high performance in challenging environments and achieve difficult goals that endure. 

The key is to exercise your mental muscle,  just as you would build physical strength!

What to expect?
* To be challenged and uncomfortable at     times to  build your mental strength
* To be held accountable for your                     progress and the  change you seek
* To experience a mental shift



* Smooth executive transition
* Increased self-awareness and       well-being
* Genuine and sustainable                 executive presence
* Peak performance in                       challenging environments and     during high pressure
* Increased confidence and               ability to stay focused when it     really matters


* High-performing, cohesive             team
* Trust and psychological safety
* Honest, transparent                         communication and                        constructive conflict
* Enhanced focus, confidence         and composure


* High-performing organisation
* Increased employee                         engagement
* Strong executive leadership         pipeline
* Competitive edge

The Executive Peak Performance training key enablers:

The ability to strengthen self-esteem and courage to act when being under pressure and in a new and challenging situation. You will identify and sustain ways to navigate the chaos, rapid change, and uncertainty more effectively despite the fear and maintain a genuine and sustainable executive presence.

The ability to think correctly under pressure. You will learn how to stay focused on what matters most, do more strategic work and less firefighting, and consistently deliver exceptional results.

The ability to be fully present, balanced, and in charge of emotions and response. You will discover strategies to take care of your well-being, become more grounded and purpose-driven. To control your emotions and respond more thoughtfully for a better outcome when the stakes are high.

The ability to manage challenges and setbacks as a necessary step on the road to greatness. You will learn how to shift your mindset to treat failure as an inevitability on the path to growth, identify and sustain strategies to deal effectively with your inner critic, and create space for higher productivity. 

The inner-motivation to have a vision, develop a plan and execute it. You will learn how to motivate yourself to act, manage your energy, and build a winning habit.


One to One 

This experience will be customised to your needs to meet you where you are and help you get where you want to be. There is no 'one-size-fits-all' approach as everyone is different. This is your opportunity to put aside various social roles you perform regularly and be your true self. I am here to help you reach difficult goals faster than you ever could on your own and optimise your performance.


The focus is to develop, advance, and sustain the proper mindset to build a high-performing, cohesive team. The team will take a deep dive into each others’ mental models, will be exposed to the peak performance tools and strategies to tap into the power of the brain. It will provide a clear competitive advantage to the team and the organisation.


Licensed practitioner for the following psychometric assessments:
*  Myers-Briggs Type Indicator         (MBTI)
* Emotional Intelligence
   (EQi-2.0, EQ360)
* Mental Toughness
   (MTQ Plus) -  coming soon

Meet Aleks                               

I am a curious learner with a thirst for knowledge and new experiences, unafraid to look at things differently and challenge assumptions. I partner with executive leaders and teams that want to overcome mental barriers that hold them back from bein g at their best, from doing their best work.  


My expertise

Mental strength/fitness
Leadership psychology
Human systems thinking
Cohesive, high-performing teams

Let's talk to see how I can help you!

Call me: +31 (0) 685 279 230
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